Service was fast and accurate

I WAS HAVING ONE OF THE WORST DAYS in my business, I was driving down the road and saw Hot Spring Spas. I thought ” I always wanted a hot tub and I need a way to unwind!” The staff at Hot Spring Spas of Panama City made me feel like a hot tub expert in just a couple of minutes. The show room was immaculate, their products are state of the art, and my service was fast and accurate! (not always in this town from other companies).

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Michael Lovchuk — Panama City FL

Love my Limelight tub

“I love my Limelight Hot Tub. It was a gift for my arthritis and I cannot live without it.”

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Renee K. — Panama City FL

Absolute relaxation

“It’s been 4 months now (with many more years) of absolute relaxation.”

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Erik & Danika B. — Panama City FL area

We can vouch for Hot Spring Spas of Panama City

“We count on Hot Spring Spas of Panama City for all our spa needs. They are THE BEST and we can vouch for their service since 1986!”

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P.J. & Dick W. — Panama City FL

Great investment and wonderful staff

“To the Hot Spring manufacturer, I’m truly impressed and just cannot thank you enough for the great investment and for the wonderful staff at Panama City Hot Spring Spas”

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Christine E. — Panama City FL

Pleasant Experience

“Totally pleasant experience!! The sales person was great, the set up was easy and the total experience was awesome!!”

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Ken S. — Panama City FL area

Best customer service in town

Panama City gave us the best customer service in town.

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Jane M. — Panama City FL area